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Letter From The Editor - Ruth Tynes

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Never Expect Gratitude

🌟 Hi ITT Girls!

In Our Article, "How To Support Musicians", we Outlined some Ways to Help Support our favs Career. But... What happens when You Receive No Gratitude???

Here's a List of some Factors To Remember:

+ Never Help anyone with The Expectation of Getting anything in Return.

+ Acknowledge The Fact that some People have No Manners. Is it alright to still Like them? Yes. Just Know that they are Rude.

+ Be Kind because that is Who You Are, not because You Want to Be Noticed by someone You Like.

+ Some People really do Battle Low Self-Esteem. So when you are Kind, Encouraging, Uplifting, etc. to them, they Honestly may Become Speechless. They don't Believe it. So they don't Verbally Accept it. Nothing against you.

+ They have been Traumatized. Somewhere in Their Career they were Betrayed, Taken Advantage Of, etc. They are Trying to Protect Their Heart from being Broken again. They are now Suspicious of Everyone. They have Trust-Issues. Nothing against you.

+ They Leg…

How To Support Musicians

🌟 Hi ITT Girls!

It doesn't matter if someone is a Full-Time Record Label Supported Musician or a Part-Time Independently Supported Musician, every bit of Support is Important.

Here's a List of some Ways that you can Volunteer to Help your favs out:

+ Buy and/or Stream Their Music.

+ Attend and/or Buy Tickets to Their Live Events (Concerts, Meet and Greets, VIP Experiences, etc.).

+ Pray for them. Even if they don't Share Your Religious Beliefs. Send a Prayer Up on Their Behalf during Your Personal Prayer Time to God.

+ Join Their Official Platforms (Fan Club, Mailing List, Street Team, Launch Team, Social Media, etc.).

+ Buy Official Merchandise (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Posters, Autographs, etc.).

+ Write Positive things (Comments on Social Media, Reviews on Retail Websites, etc.).

Thanks for Reading (and Listening)! Love,

"Snow Falls" Re-Release

🌟 Hi ITT Girls!

ITT Flashback - In 2009, we Reported that Carried Away had Re-Released their 2007 Christmas Song, "Snow Falls". The Song is joined by 4 others on their Christmas Album called "I Saw Lights". Click/Tap the Album Cover above to Listen!

Thanks for Reading (and Listening)! Love,