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Never Expect Gratitude

🌟 Hi ITT Girls!

In Our Article, "How To Support Musicians", we Outlined some Ways to Help Support our favs Career. But... What happens when You Receive No Gratitude???

Here's a List of some Factors To Remember:

+ Never Help anyone with The Expectation of Getting anything in Return.

+ Acknowledge The Fact that some People have No Manners. Is it alright to still Like them? Yes. Just Know that they are Rude.

+ Be Kind because that is Who You Are, not because You Want to Be Noticed by someone You Like.

+ Some People really do Battle Low Self-Esteem. So when you are Kind, Encouraging, Uplifting, etc. to them, they Honestly may Become Speechless. They don't Believe it. So they don't Verbally Accept it. Nothing against you.

+ They have been Traumatized. Somewhere in Their Career they were Betrayed, Taken Advantage Of, etc. They are Trying to Protect Their Heart from being Broken again. They are now Suspicious of Everyone. They have Trust-Issues. Nothing against you.

+ They Legally aren't Allowed to Speak, Interact, etc. unless it is with Authorized Personnel (Family Members, Record Label Executives, Management Teams, Personal Assistants, Security Teams, Lawyers, certain Media Outlets, Accountants, etc.) only. Don't take it Personal.

+ They are Entitled. Some People really do Battle Pride. They Honestly Believe that they are Superior to Other People. Simply because of their Skin Tone, Hair Color, Zip Code, Last Name, Job Description, Net Worth, etc. Don't take it Personal.

Thanks for Reading! Love,
Ruth 💋